Karen Marie Garrett
Award-Winning Pianist and Composer


IT’S ABOUT THE ROSE - Professionals:

IT’S ABOUT THE ROSE is excellent. I have been producing an acoustic New Age show on IPR for the last 19 years and this is one of the best collections I’ve come across. I also loved your last cd ALLURE OF SANCTUARY.
Frank P. Slaughter,  Producer, "Repose", Interlochen Public Radio, Michigan

Thank you for your beautiful album IT’S ABOUT THE ROSE.  I was absolutely overwhelmed by the stunning beauty and passionate playing on this recording!  John Iverson, Shades of Classics, CKUW 95.9 FM, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

IT’S ABOUT THE ROSE is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.  And the cover photo!!!! Wow! It's one of the most beautiful covers I've seen.   Anne Williams, Nightscapes, Boston, Massachusetts

... just wanted to let you know how beautiful your cd IT’S ABOUT THE ROSE sounds in my truck... absolutely gorgeous ... congratulations... !!!! ... actually... i havent taken it out of the cd player for 2 weeks now... i LOVE this cd... it is a GORGEOUS cd... it just flows....i have to say...   this is a very special cd Karen!!!!!  T-Bone Wolk, Hall and Oates

Such a beautiful, beautiful piece of music.   Your music is transporting: I don't use that term easily.  I find Edward Hopper's art, and Monet's art, for instance, transporting.    Thank YOU for sharing it with the world at large.  T M Wright, (Author, Painter), New York

A spectacular CD!  Rockwell – Collins Passenger Systems
(in-flight music for 27 international carriers, will be using the CD as part of their “Tranquility” channel)

I want you to know how much I'm enjoying your music; wonderful compositions, relaxing music,  and at the same time intriguing to the mind.  It's easy to allow myself to be transported to another time or place, and that's magical, and not all music has these unique characteristics. Thank you for your gift of music. John Jacobson, LightWave Photography,  Washington



Karen has made a place in my heart...  I love this woman's touch on the piano.  There's something very special about the person who can play the way she does.  I say it's a heart condition -- the music comes from her heart, that is plain.    It absolutely melts me.   Nita, Lakeland, Florida

You have crafted another exquisitely beautiful album (IT’S ABOUT THE ROSE), one I can (and have and will) listen to again and again.  Like ALLURE OF SANCTUARY the music here leaves me on that extraordinary cusp between tears and ecstasy.  It is on that cusp, I believe, where we can see and feel the universe unfold.  To say this is music worth waiting for says too little.  Thank you for having created it. Peter, San Diego, California

Every time I hear any music from this album, or for that matter, any other music you have created, I am grabbed emotionally, mentally, spiritually and, yes, physically to listen, to hear the calling of your music to me, and even if I am otherwise engaged, your music calls to me like a muse that I can not ignore. Only a few other artists affect me like this, Enya for one.... it is not the first time that your music has spoken so strongly to me...I have a friend on the coast, who has one of your early albums. When I was there in 2004, he played it and your music was like an Angel who was bringing stars into the moment.     Thank you for your music.     John

This has been a stressful day.... I don’t know what I would have done without IT’S ABOUT THE ROSE!!  Every once in awhile I am alerted to the music and I smile...  I’m blessed.  Thank you for your music. Virginia, Bar Mills, Maine

Truly a beautiful work (IT’S ABOUT THE ROSE)....  very haunting, introspective gathering of your thoughts in musical form.  Again, the Steinway is gorgeous to listen to and of course, your playing was so expert.  Thank you for allowing your music into our lives.  And think of us in your early rising hours, and know we are thinking of you.  A true music lover and former chorister.   Marilou, Melbourne, Florida


I just finished listening to “It’s All About The Rose” and I think it’s as beautiful as “Allure of Sanctuary”. You have a true gift for producing some truly awesome music. I love every cut on the CD. I realize that the creative process takes time, but you have one fan that will eagerly await your next CD.  Thanks again, Karen, for the music.  I remain a devoted fan.  Christopher, Portland, Oregon

Your song "Its About the Rose in the Vase on the Table" is an amazing piece of work. I listen to it whenever I can and I never tire of it.  Sometimes I just put it repeat and it plays over and over again. Its haunting, melodic and evocative. It transports me to that place in my heart where fear and loneliness casts no shadow."   A big fan, Ray

I am enjoying your new album, IT’S ABOUT THE ROSE... you really play beautifully! Herb, Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Your music in a way cleanses my soul, you make me cry, smile, think...  Phil, Moline, Illinois

I must tell you how much I enjoy your beautiful piano cd's. I have been listening to new age music since the early 1980's. I can't tell you the number of times I have seen George Winston in concert as well as David Lanz, Scott Cossu, just to name a few. I find that on very rare occasions I will be stopped in my tracks and my breath taken away by hearing an artists' music. Michael Hoppe's the Poet or Dreamer CDs; Michael Atkinson's Gaelic Heart; Loreena McKennitt, Lisa Gerrard Angels of Venice 2002; are esteemed and inspired artists. To this list I add your name.  I find your lyrical pieces as exquisitely moving as George Winston's and Michael Jones' and much more beautiful than Danny Wright's.  There is so much generic acoustical crap out there. Your piano pieces genuinely touch my heart.   have been listening to IT’S ABOUT THE ROSE incessantly for the last week.  I  really find your playing and compositions superbly accomplished and moving to the point of tears.  Thank you again for such beautiful music that can elicit such moving and tearful emotions.  Stephen, Billings, Montana

Excellent artist!   Elizabeth, Smyrna, Georgia

I just love your new CD!  It brings me peace and overwhelming joy.  Thank you. Marcy, Havertown, Pennsylvania

I love "It's about the rose in the vase on the table".  The piece is absolutely beautiful.   Maria, California

...I can’t separate myself from this cd! (IT’S ABOUT THE ROSE).... I listen to it constantly... and everyone has commented how much they like your music.  I mean, they really love your music.  Thank you for all your hard work to make this CD as beautiful as ALLURE OF SANCTUARY.  And once again, sharing your talent with your followers...and to the world it seems.  I am so excited for you...and proud of your album being listed “Best of 2007”   Carole, Turlock, California

I am always so overwhelmed, with "Moon Night"!   Instead of being in my head, it takes me straight into my heart. It's just too exquisite to describe, what I feel....when I disappear into this world that you have helped to create. Thank you for taking so many of us there! Smiling. Morgaine, Boston, Maine

Thank you Ms Garrett for this message (News – Tally’s Lullaby).  We were away for a while and took both "Allure of Sanctuary" and "Its About the Rose" with us.  “Tip Toe Dancer” first got our attention when both Jake and Phin were still with us.  The CD made us all feel warm and close - beautiful music with all of us together.  And then, Jake and Phin left us.

Then came “Tally’s Lullaby:” as I told you when I first heard this beautiful piece of music, I first thought of our guys and missed all the moments we had together. As we kept playing "Rose," other beautiful thoughts and memories came and, as always, so did memories of our ‘guys’. 

“Tally’s Lullaby” continues to hold the most special place in my heart because it continues to bring to me those special, vivid scenes of my two guys who played, romped, got pissed at each other at times, got sick, showed care for each other, and then went away.  After one year, I still love and miss them so very much.

We very much appreciate what you did for those grieving because of what happened at Virginia Tech.  It was very special of you to do what you did.  I sure appreciate your newsletter.  When I noticed that I was mentioned as one of those who wrote responding to “Tally’s Lullaby,” I felt very honored.

I cannot call you “Karen”.  I feel I must refer to you as Ms. Garrett.  When respect is due to someone for great achievement I may not call them by familiar. We love your work and may communicate with you but I cannot communicate as I would with some current rock person.

And there is a deeper something here! Even though you are probably way ahead of me. 

I’ve often felt that a novel is in me.  Probably only one, maybe two.  When I strolled through his cat-ridden house in Key West, I read somewhere either on some table or on a wall, to the effect, that Hemingway says there is only one or two, at best, novels in most would be writers out there.  I’ve read that elsewhere as well.  O K, so I’m with the rest of the would be’s out there.  People like Beethoven, Chopin, Dostoyevsky, Schubert, Monet, Picasso (need I go on?) Point Is: Great Artists!!  Those I’m talking about and many others not mentioned, who can again and again create.  They have accomplished a great work of Art, and left it, and then went on to another Great work of art. 

After reading the emails you received re “Tally’s Lullaby,” I think I’m only one of many who believe You are one of those Great artists who, if provided the time and environment, are capable of creating truly great works.

"Its About the Rose" was to me, far more special than was "Allure of Sanctuary."  Though you must understand, were it not for "Allure" I would not have become as in love with your music as I am.  I heard Billy Bob Thornton on NPR the other day, talking about his new CD, saying that sometimes a general theme, or thought, mood, was best thoroughly throughout an album.  I don’t know.  But I do know "Its About the Rose" is probably the most beautiful and wonderful cd throughout that I’ve heard IN My Life. And by the way, I love Springsteen, Billy Joel, Beatles , Elton John, Streisand, Celine Dion, Aretha (specially), Bocelli, Pavarotti: I love them and Many more. But I come back to Karen Marie Garrett’s music, whether its "Allure of Sanctuary" or "Its About the Rose," (especially "Rose") where I find myself at home, with wonderful memories and feelings..  Thank you Ms Garrett, for your caring and giving.  Please keep feeling.   Steve, Lincoln City, Oregon...

Thank you so much for this beautiful gift, and all creations of yours...  I never get tired in listening It's About the Rose, Simple Things, Allure of Sanctuary, Welcome B (wonderful)  and much more.  And when my friends listen your music, they appreciate very much. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!  Antonio, Brazil

I was in the office working on the computer when I heard this beautiful music coming from the other room. He had a station on the TV that plays continuous music....beautiful soft calming... I asked him about the music and he said he loved yours and that's what he would like for his birthday...one of your cd's.  Thank you for taking the time to write and I'm sure he will be surprised!  Vera, Miami, Florida

I bought the "Rose" CD and it's even better than "Sanctuary". Your music is very unique and soothing but the thing about you I enjoy the most is that your music is so personal; you are willing to reveal your inspirations and share the story behind the song. I'm a writer and I find your music to be very inspirational especially if I'm writing something of a spiritual nature. I'm spreading the word about Karen Marie Garrett down here in Naples, Florida. Regards,  Jim, Naples, Florida

It's About the Rose is a superb cd, one of the best recordings of the year.  The lush compositions unfold like the petals of a rose in the morning sun, and at times covered with dewdrops of tears from the beauty of the music. Stephen Gies, Billings, Montana

Reviews - Amazon.com:

Simply Beautiful, November 19, 2007 By  B. Beekmann     
This music is so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes. After a long day as an ICU nurse, I can listen and feel myself begin to relax. Karen Marie Garrett has more than talent, she is blessed.
Gorgeous Music, September 18, 2007 By  Ethel Mac Cumhail (Rochester, New York United States) 
This is one of the most inventive and beautifully performed New Age albums I've heard. Karen Marie Garrett is a real force in this musical genre: I've listened to "It's About the Rose" more times than I can remember since purchasing it a month ago. Very, very high recommendation!
A Healing CD, July 3, 2007 By  Stan Evers (Urbandale, IA) 
After the Va.Tech tragedy, I just happened to hear "Tally's Lullaby" on my digital music station and was impressed with the apparent healing qualities of this piece. It was the best song to hear at that particular time. I have since bought the cd and highly recommend it.

Another Great Album, June 13, 2007 By  Kenneth W. Horn (Coventry RI)
I have to agree with another reviewer. This album is just great for relaxing and stress relief. I can't remember when I bought back to back albums by an artist that were as good as "Allure of Sanctuary" and "It's About the Rose". 
Great stress reliever, March 11, 2007, By  Bruce E. Ryden (Charlotte, NC)
Karen Marie Garrett's latest CD is so soothing and stress relieving that I would encourge anyone who loves soft, warm piano music to purchase this album instantly on Amazon. Tally's Lullaby is my favorite and knowing the background on why it was recorded just makes for a better listening experience.
She's wonderful, February 6, 2007 By  R. Knippenberg (The Villages, Florida)
I liked her debut album.    This one I love.    Can't wait for the next one.


I'm sitting here listening to you playing and am just as enthralled as I was the first time I heard your work.  What a joy it must be to create such lovely music.  It truly lifts my soul.  William, Virginia

I just heard Impressions on SKY.FM and I love it!  Naumy

We are thrilled to hear about your success with your music!! We are still listening to your albums every morning as we drink our coffee and tea in our Florida room. I continue to spread the word to all my musical friends and am planning to buy 2 or 3 more of the Rose albums to give as gifts.  They just HAVE to listen to this music!! I love Café Espresso!  Always makes me smile, it is so happy!  Marilou, Melbourne, Florida

Thank you so much, my wife and I enjoyed the whole collection IT’S ABOUT THE ROSE.  You have a gift.  By the way, my wife is a music major, voice and piano. So your CD really struck home here. Doug, Houston, Texas

...most fantastic music I have heard. I am one of your fans; love you and your music so much.  If you visit Korea for your concert, I will be the first man to buy the ticket.  Thank you so much.” Hai-dong, Seoul, Korea

I was listening to your cd (IT’S ABOUT THE ROSE) on the way home from birthday shopping for my daughter Elizabeth, she turns 24 on Sunday. The 11th song “Daydreams” started and caused me to pause; the memory holding Elizabeth as a baby appeared and I started to cry. I pulled over and wrote in her birthday card “Dearest Elizabeth, the first time we gazed into each others eyes was magical for me. You studied me and looked deep into my soul. You have grown with beauty and grace, on your own terms in many ways. Happiness and fulfillment are my hopes for you, whatever path you take.  I’m enclosing Karen’s cd so you can listen and hear the beauty of you.  Kathy,  Portland, Oregon

Over my years some certitudes have become imbedded. Certitudes provide comfort...nice to be certain about something. Like "Hate destroys the hater"  "What goes around comes around ".  Since age 20, they've come to number seven...the seventh only in recent years. # 7 says I am 20, not the 83 plus others say. They have no objective truth. I am what every detail that matters to me says I am. 20.  It really is not worth noting that music sustains me...a Ph.D. physicist of all things.

That brings me to #8. "It’s About the Rose”, specifically tracks 2 and 9, came into being with the Big Bang. There's no way a mere human could have intentionally made them, no matter how creative. They come from the other world. The two simply were and are. Not waiting, not anticipating....just pervading everything.

There came a human, just like many others with ears for the needle and souls to feel, who live on a music drip. She lives acutely aware of something within her, close and wanting to become known. So, bravely and humbly, she spent herself in pecking at what was between. And so, she reached them and the two became known to her, and then to all of us.
She's unchanged, just grateful. As I am.  Profoundly grateful.    Bob, Greenville, North Carolina

Trying to make some sense out of today's tragedy, (Virginia Tech killings April 15, 2007), playing Solitaire, listening to Soundscapes on my digital TV, when Tally's Lullaby comes on.  Wow!! Powerful! A few years ago my daughter was in college and to think she could've been in a situation ... But there ARE Dads in that situation and so my tears are for them and Moms too. Your music helped me put some sort of perspective on it all. Thank you.  Stan, Des Moines, Iowa

Karen,    IT’S ABOUT THE ROSE and ALLURE OF SANCTUARY are both very beautiful.  I have listened to them many times over already.  When I read the song ‘Tally's Lullaby’ was about a dog it made sense why I was attracted to its beautiful melody.  My son was a dog lover and we have two of his dogs now.  We asked that his memorials go to the local humane society and they reported that they received more donations in Travis's name than anyone in their history.  The dogs have helped us to survive his loss.  We lost his female American Bulldog 'Isabelle' last October and my heart was broken again forever.
At 4 min 30 secs into Tally's Lullaby there is a note that repeats four times and then falls off dee- dee........dee-dee........dee-dee..........dee- dee.........duh- dum. A cello is playing as the above notes are being played.  The image I have in my mind while this is playing, is of something clinging to life like a bird caught in a snare, or someone swimming trying to stay above the waves and their strength gives out and they give up, or possibly an ill person who has fought a long time and lets go.  The notes are like a heart beating, trying to keep going, but there is just too much and it stops ..... but it is not morbid.  The music is so beautiful, that when the heart beat stops, angels or God is there to take this animal or person.  It is the only piece of music I have ever heard, that sounds like what I believe is the transition from this life to the next.  And I hear caring love throughout the whole song. Does this make any sense?
I am attaching a photo of my son Travis. He died from a gunshot wound.  He was visiting at a house across the street, hanging out with some young people, alcohol was involved, and one of the young men had a gun and for reasons still unknown shot our son. 
I could say a lot more about the CDs but will just say for now, thank you, they are wonderful.
God Bless you and your family.   Shawn, Champaign, Illinois

I was completely blown away by the sensuousness and simplicity of Karen Marie Garrett’s music.
Renee,  Bridgeport, Connecticut

... your style and arrangements really appeal to me. Your music is something I can't even read to, it is so compelling. I am so happy to have yet another of your creations.  Andrea, Newport, Oregon

I recently added IT’S ABOUT THE ROSE to my collection of your recordings and it has gotten the MOST play of all CDs I have.  The first time (and every-time since) I heard "Tally's Lullaby" tears ran down my cheeks and all the stress in my body escaped. Is there ANY chance you would record a CD of nothing but lullabies that are of a  similar nature to "Tally's"?  It would be the greatest stress reliever in the world.

If you are ever going to be in the Charlotte (or anywhere in North Carolina for that matter), please let me know. I will be the first in line for tickets-!!   PLEASE keep up the wonderful music.  Bruce, Charlotte, NC

I just returned from southern Utah where I am remodeling a condo I bought. I was joined by an old college buddy whom has never seen the canyon-lands of the Colorado Plateau. Of course there is required music for any sojourn, physical or spiritual into the vastness of this unique land. I wanted you to know that your piano music has become as essential in my wanderings and in my introducing friends to the desert as is the music of Deuter, Carlos Nakai, John Huling, Lorenna Mckennitt, and the Moody Blues. From sunrise to sunset your exquisite melodies always seem to fit the mood I am in or, better yet, the mood of the canyon-lands  as the lushness of light and shadow play upon the living rocks and sand. I remember a quote by William Blake..."but he who kisses the Joy as it flies, Lives in Eternity's sunrise." How apropos your music is as a soundtrack to my beholding of Life as I strive to live in the bliss of Eternity's sunrise. Again, thank you for your extraordinary music and If I have any sway with the powers that be ( It seems much easier to view the face of God in the desert) I will add my voice to  Grammy considerations.  With deep appreciation, Stephen, Billings, Montana

Wow, it's easy to see how IT’S ABOUT THE ROSE went all the way to #1.. You are so blessed to have such a talent and we are so blessed to have discovered you. I believe we listened to it over and over 8-10 times yesterday. The beauty is, it never gets old. I expected it to be good, but had no idea it would be this great. Each of the songs are a masterpiece of their own. I think if I had to pick a favorite, it would be ‘Tally's Lullaby’, it's so sweet, but I wouldn't want to have to choose.  Ronald, Clackamas, Oregon

I truly love your music, it is so very beautiful. I can't adequately describe how it makes me feel.  Music Choice is now playing "Tally's Lullaby."  Every time I hear it, I stop what I am doing and just listen. Your duet with Eugene Friesen is very moving. I really admire your ability to create music that touches the souls of your listeners.  Thank you so much.  Jan,  San Francisco, California

I am enjoying your mystical and magical touching of my soul.  Thank you for using and sharing God's gift to you with all of us.  Sincerely, a devoted fan.  Dennis

It has been a moving experience for myself to see the way you have progressed thru the music industry.  Your music is very touching and I have told many Friends of your music and website.  Hopefully, they will look into your music and enjoy it as much as I do.  Blessing to you and  your God given talent to let others enjoy thru your music.  Ivan

My husband and I walked into a gallery while on vacation.  Both of us stopped to enjoy your music and the clerk showed us your CDs, we bought both!  We played them for the rest of our vacation and daily since.  PLEASE continue to record, as the music you play gives us back health and peace. Duane and Bonnie

"You are awesome! My husband and I love your music. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the history of Tally's Lullaby this morning and still have a lump in my throat. We would LOVE to see you in concert and meet you some day. We live in the LA area and my sister lives in Portland. Do you ever do concerts in those cities?  We might just make a vacation out of your next concert  destination, no matter where it is!  Your music adds a soft and beautiful dimension to living. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."    Ann, Los Angeles, CA

"Your Cd's have been played over and over again at my house, in my computer and in my car stereo.  I, too, am quite moved and so fond of Tally's Lullaby that it truly makes me weep.  You are truly remarkable!"  Kristi, Tacoma, WA

"I'm listening--again and again--to "Tally's Lullaby," and it's helping, in an odd way, with a deep sense of grief I'm feeling for a man I've never met, a man who frequents a discussion board I go to from time to time, a man who has proven himself, on this board, to be very intelligent, very caring and sensitive, and possessed of great wit.  I learned, on the board, yesterday, that this man is very ill, so I wrote to him and told him I hope he's soon able to "jump back into the boat," and that Roxane and I both wished him a quick recovery.  He wrote back, and in very lucid and literate way, told me that he was dying.  The letter was several long paragraphs, and when I read it, I was astonished, and when I reread it--to Roxane--I could hardly get through it because it made me weep.  And it's been very difficult for me to accept that--the fact that he's dying, because, on the discussion board, he was so very alive, so quick-witted, so full of humor.
I am more or less a stranger to death and dying; the last time I wept over someone's passing was in 1980, when John Lennon was assassinated.  But this man's all-but imminent death floored me, perhaps because of the kind of person he clearly is, I'm not sure.
So, I put "It's About the Rose" on the DVD player and listened to Tally again and again.  Oddly, as melancholy as it is, its movements and even its individual notes seemed to....track the grief I was, and am, feeling, as if you, the composer, had seen into my soul, and had seen what this kind of grief could do.  But you didn't know me when you composed it, of course; you simply knew well about grief, and "Tally's Lullaby" was born because of that knowledge.
Thank you, Karen.  Tally's Lullaby knew and shared my grief, and salved it at the same time."  T. M. Wright,  New York

"Karen plays beautiful music"... Madeleine, age 3; Belfair, WA



ALLURE OF SANCTUARY - Professionals:

‘Tip-Toe Dancer’... what an utterly enchanting 5:22...  A very finely crafted CD... thanks!
Al Santos, WJZW-FM/Smooth Jazz Brunch, Washington, DC

I received your CD and listened yesterday while in notorious Boston traffic.  I LOVE this CD. After a particularly stressful week, one filled with negativity strong enough to almost turn even ME into a pessimist, your music brought great relief and solace. I am one of those people who do look at the CD covers when browsing to purchase, and I must say that the kindness in your eyes pours through your hands into your music. Thank you for this lovely CD.  Anne Williams,  Nightscapes,  Boston, Massachusetts

I love your CD.  My show airs on Sunday morning and I am going to lead it off with your CD...”
Dianna Parks-Isam, Host/Producer, WINGS on WFCF radio, St. Augustine, Florida

I went to my office and just sat quietly and enjoyed your new album... I'll be sharing it with the audience tomorrow morning....my reaction to your music was "chills of wonder" as I listened.  After a hectic week, when I thought I was too burned out to listen to anything with a clear head, ALLURE OF SANCTUARY smoothed the jangled neuro eceptors and gave me a second wind.  I was lifted beyond my drama to pause and daydream.  What a gift.  Donna Jo Thornton, Music Director, Morning Breeze, Jazz! FM 88.5 KSBR, Mission Viejo, Orange County, California

I'm a classical music radio host in the Buffalo/Toronto market, also a composer, and think your music gorgeous!  Thank you for sharing it!  Marty Wimmer,  Buffalo, New York

I love your music, Karen.  Plan to use it during an upcoming seminar in Virginia.
Winter Robinson, Writer, Consultant, Therapist, and Intuitive, Bar Mills, Maine

Your music is the perfect calming force I need right now. It's been with me in the car since it arrived. Love the ambient feel of the whole thing -- it's like the music is coming in from somewhere other than the speakers. Very, very nice stuff, Karen!  The arrangement of Welcome B is amazing; you are able to tap into this vibe that's just surreal -- simultaneously calming and energizing. Don't know how you do it.  Will's Song, is another standout. Puts me right back in the control room at Skywalker Sound on a rainy January afternoon.  Blessings and congrats! 
Allen Clapp, Assistant Editor, Palo Alto Weekly,  San Francisco, California

Congratulations on a wonderful album from a very satisfied International Customer. I simply adore Tip-Toe Dancer... no matter if you are suffering from the blues, this is a soul-rejuvenating, happy piece of delightful piano music. I also love Welcome B, and Simple Things. A fantastic album.  I cannot wait to hear more music from you. May you have every success with this album.   Stephen Cairns,  England, UK


YUM!  Wonderful music--great to listen to ... over and over and over  ..... Love her work!
CD Universe Review, Abingdon, VA, USA

I heard a track from your album, Allure of Sanctuary, on DJ's Morning Breeze... I can't wait to get the CD so I can feel goose bumps all over my body again.   Steve, Laguna Niguel, California

I have a hard time keeping my eyes dry while listening to "Tip Toe Dancer". I heard your music on the "New Age" station Sky FM on Win amp Radio from the Internet.   Your music stands out among the music I have heard there and I must say you stand in good company on this station...... please know that there's not a lot in contemporary music that I find as moving as what I've heard so far from you.  Thank you.  Stephen, Atlanta, Georgia


I want to tell you what a pleasure it is to have your music fill our home.  It is as if you were in the living room playing our piano.  The name "Allure of Sanctuary" if very fitting because your music is a sanctuary from a very complicated world. 
I have a long list of E-mail friends and contacts.  I will send those whom I consider friends information about your website.  I will explain to them that I am not spaming them.  Actually, I will be doing them a favor.  Earle, Irvine, California

I was blown away by the simplistic beauty of your playing of TIP TOE DANCER, especially moving while the stars and moon dance over the Tucson Mountains in AZ. Thank you so very much!!  Karen,  Arizona

I was listening to The Spa Channel on my Sirius Satellite radio today.  And your song “Allure of Sanctuary” came up.  That is such a beautiful song. I just had to let you know. Great Job on that striking song. It’s one of those songs where you have to stop what your doing and say wow.  Martin, New Jersey

Tip Toe Dancer" ...... immediately garnered my attention.  I love the clarity of the music and the beautiful piano sounds which you bring to the album.  Dean,  Canandaigua, New York

I absolutely love your music.  Every time I hear it, no matter what I'm doing, I stop (like a trained rat!) and turn it up....   Wonderful music.  Bobbie,  San Antonio, TX

I am enjoying your... album. It is really excellent and I will make sure my friends are exposed to it!
Jean-Luc,  New York

I heard your song "Tip Toe Dancer" on my digital cable music channel, Soundscapes, and was captivated by the sound. It's beautiful!  And, after, listening to some of the samples on your website, I was "hooked".  I am looking forward to getting the CD's.... 

The albums came Friday and I have been listening ever since. "Tip Toe Dancer" has such visual imagery - if I close my eyes, I can just imagine a child or a ballerina dancing to this song.  Very few songs can do this. Thank you!   Jim, Slidell, LA

I very much enjoy listening to your music, Lake Ewok Muse (achingly beautiful) and Tip Toe Dancer being two of my favourite pieces and I am looking forward to your new release early next year. Catherine, England

Wow...I love piano and I heard Tip Toe Dancer this morning on a local radio station in Syracuse NY where I live. What a beautiful song!!! My daughter who is four and a half loves piano music and classical music and enjoyed listening as much as my husband and I. Thank you for inspiring me to sit down at my piano and play. I have two kids and sometimes don't play enough, but I love to hear new things because they always bring music to my finger tips. I should have learned how to write the music down that I play, back when I was younger and had the time. Thank you again your music is candy for my ears.  Emily, Syracuse, New York

Just as a little background, when I first heard your music (Tip-toe Dancer, specifically), I was a guest at a dinner party at a friend's home.  There was music in the background (Soundscapes channel of our local telecommunications company).  When I heard Tip-toe Dancer I excused myself from the dinner table to go see what it was and knew I had to have it.  For me, the music on the CD is the most beautiful music I have ever heard.  I cannot articulate exactly what it does to me, but can sum it up by saying that it literally quickens my pulse...  Thank you for beautiful music. “   Ann, Easley, SC

I am wild about your new CD and have nearly worn it out. I'll buy more for Christmas gifts.  Margi, Tacoma, Washington

My husband listened to some of your pieces on SOUNDSCAPES (one of our cable TV stations).  He loved them—so he had me search the WEB for your music.  I’m so glad he did  Thanks so much for your ‘gift’!  Nancy, Braintree, Massachusetts

I am a baby-boomer and my taste in music is varied but old Rock is most common on my stereo.  These days I care for my newborn grandson & have relaxing, continual music in the background as we go through our day, I frequently have Soundscapes on. One piece pretty much sounded like the next until a particular melody grabbed my attention.  It was TIP TOE DANCER. I Liked it so much that I wrote your name down & searched you out on the internet.  Since receiving the cd I have listened to nothing else!  What beautiful music! I am your new-best-fan!

Also worth mentioning - the Ghandi quote you include in your messages is one of my favorites & how true it is.  [See another favorite saying of mine in my signature block below.]  Additionally, I had a brief visit on your website & read the story of Tally - what a sweet and endearing story. I am a dog lover so I can relate to the heartache of loosing a beloved Lab and to how your music has served as a healing medium for Tally's family.  It must be a wonderful feeling to compose beautiful music that touches so many hearts. I will follow your career and purchase more of your music... THANK YOU!  Sincerely,  Melanie -Austin, Texas

I bought and downloaded your song entitled, “Welcome B” and must say it is one of the most beautiful piano pieces I've heard in a long time.  Absolutely beautiful!  Richard

I want to tell you that I listen to music almost constantly. Records, CDs or Music Choice are nearly always playing in my home. There have only been a handful of times where I felt I had to turn on the monitor so I could learn what the song was and who was playing. Tip Toe Dancer is one of those rare pieces of music that go straight to the soul and instantly become a favorite. It is beautiful and I had to get it! George, Bethel, Ohio

“Your music is beautiful and so soothing and relaxing.”   Sandy, Vancouver, Washington

I heard "Tip-Toe Dancer" on my cable music channel (Soundscapes) last night and knew I had to have the album immediately. Love your music!  Dean,  Platte City, Missouri

Last week I was in the William Traver Gallery in Seattle, your album “Allure of Sanctuary” was playing....  I love your music!  It added so much to the exhibit.  Sally, Whidbey Island, Washington

I heard 'Allure of Sanctuary' on digital cable TV. I fell in love with your number 'Tip Toe Dancer'.  I received your album today and what a lovely piece of work. I love your styling. .. Your album is now among my top favorites in my collection.  Ernest, Redmond, Oregon

I have to tell you that I am flattered and grateful beyond words… for somehow capturing a bit of life’s essence and reproducing it in your work.  I was reading last night listening to hours of music and then two of your songs came on, Tiptoe Dancer and Welcome B.  I was so taken with your music that I had to put the book down, literally could not continue reading; I simply had to stop reading and just listen.  Then of course, I had to find out who the artist was that was creating such “joyfully haunting” music.  It was absolutely beautiful!  You must be so very proud to have created a work so emotionally moving and enduring. George Winston’s music.... holds a very special place for me because of the emotion and the feelings I get when I listen to this caliber of artist/music.  Artists such as you serve as the “high water mark” against which I compare all music.  I must tell you that I received chills from listening to your music for the first time, so reminiscent of the first few times I had ever listened to Winston. I have never previously tried to write to a musician and describe how much I was moved by their work.  I now know why.  I am incapable of expressing in any meaningful way what your music did for me and to me, last night.   All I can really say is how fortunate I feel for having experienced a part of your genius and sensitivity. My sincerest thanks and deepest regards.     Ron, Edwardsburg, Michigan

I heard your piece, Tip-Toe Dancer, on MusicChioce's Soundscapes cable channel.  I though you might like to know what I saw as I was listening:



I feel compelled to write, as I almost never do in response to great music. The album is so totally enchanting and calming that I bought it for me, then bought another copy for my mother (who used to play piano at night when I was a child, drifting off to sleep, and who tells me she loves it) and have just bought another copy for my massage therapist.  I look forward to your next album with great anticipation and only wish I could hear you play in person.  Perhaps some day.  May your recording work be filled with light and inspiration.  It will certainly provide inspiration to me once it has been released.  With gratitude and appreciation.  Peter,  San Diego, CA

TIP TOE DANCER takes flight for me, wonderfully simplistic, hauntingly beautiful, deep in it's meaning, it takes me to a place where my partner and i would dance, love, share... she passed away in 2000 (we were together twenty years).  I could not capture the essense of our time together until I heard this song you so beautifully played.  Many thanks for giving me such a beautiful closure to our time together, she would dance as a ballerina. Karen, Tucson, AZ

Your CD arrived this morning and it is great!  My wife and I were visiting in Northern Virginia, outside DC, about a month ago and found a "smooth jazz" station on the radio.  Unlike most, they named the song and artist after every 3-4 songs.  They played Tip-toe Dancer and we were hooked.  When we got back home here in Venice, we found you on the Internet.  We will enjoy this album and look forward to more in the future.  Dick, Venice, Florida

You are a wonderful writer and artist and I look forward to more of your works in the future. Dale, Shell Beach, CA

I heard your CD on the Soundscape TV station and I fell in love with it.  Miriam, Venice, California

I work at home and keep my cable company music stations playing through my work day.  Occasionally, tunes will break through my work concentration and I have to look at the TV screen to see who created such a lovely tune.  “Tip-Toe Dancer” is one such tune.  Today for the second time, I had cause to stop and listen to the beautifully haunting melody.  Thank you for sharing your gift.  Kathy

I'm excited to have found you online to place the order.  Often I work from home and when I do, I usually have the Music Choice channel on....Tip Toe Dancer just lifted me right up off my chair when I first heard it.  Please, keep on doing what you are doing.  It's a great gift to the world you can offer!   Jerry, Atlanta, Georgia

I really enjoy your playing and your interpretations. I retire to your music every night and awake to it every morning. I've been playing for over 50 years now, and I wish I could emulate your style. It’s wonderful.  Cliff, Saint Louis, Missouri

We have to do something about Mom.  I can't get the CD away from her.  She's been playing it everyday since it arrived.  She wants to buy three more copies for gifts.   Karen A.,  Washington

My dear Karen –  keep playing – don’t ever stop.  I can’t tell you how much you have endeared yourself to me.... 
(Mom) Deloris, Washington

I just wanted you to know that I have been listening to Allure of Sanctuary every weekend when I am home gardening and doing other things and become so pleasantly lost in your music.  There are words for which I am at a loss to describe the ways your music reaches me...but the best way I can describe it...no other music has reached me and given me the gentlest experience, put feelings at ease, thoughts to rest, and a secret happiness.  The most important is a renewed sense of spiritual peace.. that experience alone is worth so much. I am looking forward to your next album. Too simply expressed...thank you.  Carole, Los Bandos, California

I dance, alone in my living room, or with anyone who happens to be there, each time I hear "Tip toe Dancer". Your music touches something deep inside my spirit. Even when I am not consciously listening, one of your songs captures my attention--every time.... I heard your music CD played a number of times thru Time Warner Cable Music and through Direct Satellite TV. Each has a music channel called Soundscapes. I most recently heard a lovely piece with cello accompaniment. Haunting; I'm grateful for your talent.  Des, New York, New York

Just can't wait until the release of "It's About the Rose".  These titles selected for your CD's, while I would not presume to know you...is every part of the kind of person and artist we see in your photo...the titles suit who you seem to be on the inside as well as outside.  CONGRATULATIONS!!”  Carole, Los Banos, CA

I listened to your music for the first time today and I have to tell you that it brought me to tears, particularly Tip Toe Dancer. I've been a single mom of a 21 year old young man and 16 year old young man for almost 10 years. We live in Oregon and it's been a roller coater of custody battles and surviving ever since my divorce. I have had to put on a tough face and work hard just to keep up with everything. In these years I guess I lost sight of who I am and I've struggled to find my own peaceful escape. When I listened to just the small part of Tip Toe Dancer on your space I found myself sobbing for the first time in a long time. It's a good, joyful sob, the kind you need to let yourself have in order to stay in touch with who you really are. Years ago before my divorce, I listened to alot of Windham Hill and George Winston whenever I felt weak or defeated or just when I needed to escape. Your music gave me that escape today, if only for a moment. It was good to let myself go and remember that I'm not just a mom or someones girlfriend or an employee, kind of going through life like a robot, just trying to survive. Your music helped me to remember who I am as an individual soul, apart from everyone and everything else. That's very powerful and such a gift that you are able to give to some gal living in Oregon that really needed a flicker of magic to get back to herself. Thank you for your magic.    Yolonda, Oregon 

Karen, your CD arrived today, and I've been listening to it nonstop ever since. I absolutely love it!  I work at home, in front of the computer all day, so I'm always looking for good instrumental music I can work by; except that I can't listen to two of your pieces -- "Tip-Toe Dancer" and "Welcome B"-- without crying. I'm so glad to hear you're working on a new project!  Thank you for such soul-filling music!   Mickey, San Luis Obispo County, California

I'm from Romania .... I just want to tell you that Allure of Sanctuary is wonderful !!!  My favorite song is Tip-toe Dancer...the first 48 hours it was impossible to listen other songs...I was playing Tip-toe dancer over and over...it's a very beautiful song. I put you on my favorite’s list of artists along with Maria Callas, Van Morrison and Laura Pausini. I'm very happy to discover an artist like you and look forward to buy all your albums. I will tell all my friends about you.  Lucian,  Romania

I received your CD in the mail and could not wait to play the entire CD to hear the other compositions.  I was so moved by the music that I wrote a poem inspired by listening to your music.  I sat at my computer listening over and over, and the words just came out!  I hope you like it, and it expresses to you..... how much your music affected this listener.  I'm so glad I heard your song on Sirius Satellite, and then did a google seach to find your website!! ... I would be honored for you to use my name, poem, and comments as a testament for your music. Becky Ann Dowda, Texas

MUSIC OF MEMORIES - February 24, 2006 – Becky Ann Dowda



We have enjoyed our CD “Allure of Sanctuary” and have played it probably hundreds of times.  The most memorable time was while driving through Glacier National Park (a semi annual trek for us).  The grandness of the music and the order of the music matched the grandness and magnificence of the park. It was a great experience for us. We are ordering the new CD “It’s About the Rose” and are looking forward to more great music.  Glenn & Elaine,  Great Falls, Montana

When I say, I love your music, that is an understatement? I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve listened to “Allure of Sanctuary”. It is one of the most, if not the most beautiful CD’s that I’ve ever heard. Thanks for making the world a more beautiful place with your music.  Christopher, Portland, Oregon


Tip Toe Dancer is the most beautiful piano piece we've ever heard!  Bill and Joyce,  Shawnee, Kansas

I listen to Audio Visions on XM Radio nightly and your music made me stop reading and listen... I bought your cd... need I say more?   William, Fresno, California

I listen to Soundscapes; music has always been important to me, a source of guidance and inspiration.
My spiritual path (Eckankar) has music as its very source.  And one day "Tip-Toe Dancer" was playing and it immediately struck a chord within.  Describing it would be very difficult, however buying all of your albums was a very easy decision after hearing that piece.   Raymond, Sunrise, Florida

I saw ballerinas toeing across the stage in Budapest and Vienna, I saw the symphony in the Vienna Woods.  The thunder came loud and clear and I could hear the strafing on the airstrip by a Yak 19 (North Korean).  Then I saw myself and all the women and children scrambling up the rope ladders to escape the war in Korea.  War being a big black dragon throwing fire and shooting bullets at us, and we struggled to get away and I heard the wailing and the cries mingled with the fighter jets (from Japan) that came to cover our departure.  After that I saw Ann riding her dressage horse and beating out the time to a Musial Kur.  I saw a single bluebird flying and then a flock of birds followed by and eagle soaring into the wind.   It is a beautiful album I said to my daughter Ann, and then I read your notes for each musical melody.  There is a theme to each segment and they are extraordinaire.  Thank you so much for such beautiful music.  I love it.  Freda,  Washington