Karen Marie Garrett
Award-Winning Pianist and Composer

Film/Music Credits

Florentine Films: The Roosevelts: an Intimate History 
Director:  Ken Burns

Release: 2014

Music used:  “Tally's Lullaby" and "Toll of War"  composed and performed by Karen Marie
                                                                               Garrett (piano) and Eugene Friesen (cello). 
                                                                               Music use detail available after film release. 

Film Press Link:   http://www.pbs.org/kenburns/the-roosevelts 

Canadian Film: La Dernière Fugue (The Last Fugue) 
Director: Léa Pool
Canada/Luxembourg,  Language: French,  Genre:  Drama,  
Release:  2010

Writers: Gil Courtemanche and Léa Pool.
Music used:  “Tip Toe Dancer” and “Tip Toe Dancer and The Sea Pearl” 

              composed and performed by Karen Marie Garrett.  Used as background music
              in grandfather and granddaughter table scene in film [ and trailer film premier
              release], and scene while 75-year-old mother is wrapping Christmas gifts and
              placing them under the Christmas tree. 

Premier trailer Link:  La Derniere Fugue (The Last Fugue) .  Karen's music starts at 59 seconds.

Film: The Evolution of Dad
Filmmaker: Dana H. Glazer
Language: English, Genre: Documentary
Release: Father’s Day, 2010

Link: Film: Evolution of Dad .  Karen's music begins at 59 seconds.
Music (Length): “Green Hills” performed by Karen Marie Garrett.
                                                  composer - Brian Gibson.  
                                                  Used as background music for introduction/montage.