Karen Marie Garrett
Award-Winning Pianist and Composer
Karen Marie Garrett
2015 Release    It's About Love

Composer Karen Marie Garrett

Original Music:
Abbie Marie cello/piano
It's About Love cello/piano
Deschutes River Sunrise
Another Time piano solo
Mother's Prayer vocals/piano

IT’S ABOUT LOVE charts in Top 10.
Zone Music Reporter Top 100 Chart:  #7 August 2015 and #10 September 2015

Review from Mainly Piano by Kathy Parsons
After capturing the hearts and ears of so many piano lovers (including mine!) with her first two albums of original music, Karen Marie Garrett went off the radar several years ago. We did an interview in 2007 and stayed in touch for a while after that, so I knew she had left Washington State, but I didn’t know anything else until I had the wonderful surprise of receiving her new five-selection EP for review. "The Allure of Sanctuary" (2005) and "It’s About the Rose" (2007) are both still very compelling listening with the warmth and sincerity that comes only when an artist creates from the heart, and I’m happy to say that Karen hasn’t lost a note in her long absence. She expresses more in twenty minutes than most do in an hour or more - if ever. Karen is joined on three of the five tracks by cellist Emil Miland, one by oboist Nancy Rumbel, and one by vocalist Desiree Goyette; one of the five pieces is a piano solo. Lyrical, graceful, poignant, evocative, and passionate are words that come to mind while listening to this music, and the album as a whole feels very much like the return of a good friend who had to go away for awhile.  Read more...

Zone Music Reporter and Retailing Insight magazine by Bill Binkelman
I was delighted to hear that Karen Marie Garrett had a new release coming as I loved both of her previous works. Listening to It's About Love was like rediscovering a long-lost friend, one with whom you share warm memories and have a deep, lasting bond. Garrett's piano playing is, as always, intimate and evocative, but also graceful and restrained. She never overreaches into melodrama, instead instilling each of these five songs with genuine feeling and a palpable sincerity. Even without knowing the personal stories behind these pieces, one can tell they mean a lot to the artist. Welcome back, Karen Marie! We missed you!

Review excerpt from Music and Media Focus by Michael Diamond
Mention the name Skywalker, and some of the biggest movies of all time immediately come to mind. Well, Karen Marie Garrett’s album, “It’s About Love,” was recorded at Skywalker Sound Studios on the grounds of Skywalker Ranch in the San Francisco Bay area. Karen was also blessed to have her album produced and mixed at Skywalker by multiple GRAMMY winner Leslie Ann Jones, whose credits include working with Carlos Santana, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis and Quincy Jones, Jane Fonda, Holly Near, and a very long list of other major artists, as well as feature films and video game soundtracks.  Read more...

Review Provided By Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck, New Age Music Review
Karen Marie Garrett is a nimble fingered pianist that combines elements of new age and classical to formulate beautiful solo instrumentals.  Read more...


Music supervisors and Film producers interested in using Karen's music please email contact@kgpiano.com.
Ms. Garrett owns/controls rights to music and can quickly license use for your film or project.

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